Touchdown. Maths Active Learning

For math active learning I played touchdown with my buddy Jackson. I was the winner and it was 20 to 10. We had 2 dice and what ever number we rolled just if I rolled 6 and 5 then you do 6x5=30 so we have to go to 30 and then it will be the other person turn. We got 4 turns each. Each time we added on to our last score. Here is my game with my buddy Jackson.  


During Term 3 we have done lots of fun stuff like trips, active learning and art. These are things that have been   peaks and pit. P eaks are fun things and pit have been the challenges.  My Peaks My Football Team won every game on Saturday. We got into the semi finals and we won a cup. I enjoyed practical learning because you can put  marbles in calico and then when we were done it we could Tie dye our material for the bag for our game.  The Pit The beach clean up was boring because you had to walk up and down the the beach and then pick up rubbish. When we are done people went to the park.

Practical Learning - Mosaic

For practical learning this term our group learnt how to do mosaic. This is how we made them. 1. Draw a design for your mosaic on paper. 2. Draw the design on piece of wood. 3. Choose the tile you want to use for your mosaic.  4. Break up the tiles if you need too. 5. Use tile adhesive to stick the tiles to your design on wood. 6. Clean the tiles of any extra adhesive. 7. Put grout around the tiles so the wood is all covered. 8. Wipe the excess grout off the tiles. 9. Your mosaic is finished. Here is a photo of my finished mosaic. It was very clean and fancy.  I liked it because it looked like a olden day photo.

Word Art

During Reading Activity Learning, I made a word art and I wrote about what we use water for. I knew about lots of things that include water.

6 Sentence Story

During Writing  this week we wrote a 6 sentence recount about something we did on our holiday.  Here is mine. It was a sunny cold windy day. My sister nana and I  we drove to the Splash Centre. Inside there are lots of pools and I can see my friends. My friends and I were diving into the pools and my nana was watching me diving too. We all did a  big bomb into the pool and it hurt because I landed on my face. It was scary when I landed on my face and proud for jumping in the pool.

Making A Waka

During Reading Activity Learning, I made a Waka. The challenging part when making the waka was glueing the ice blocks sticks on the harakeke.  The easy part when I was making a waka was designing the sails. Here is a photo of our waka.

Stop Motion Moive

In class for Te Reo Maori we have be learning about Te Reo Maori greetings and farewells. We made a Stop Motion Movie to show you the greetings and farewells we have learnt. Here IT IS!!!

New Animal

For my new reading contract I learnt this new Website called Switch Zoo. I had to change body parts to make a new animal. This is my new animal. The name is Fast King. It is just like a  cheetah and it is fast like a  cheetah.  It has a long tail and short legs. It can run  93 km/h fast. Fast King eats  gazelles. I t can jump rock to rock. The height is 10m. 

Welcome Back

On the first day back to school I had my best friend in my classroom. We had been doing art and reading and maths. On the first day back we went over the rules and jobs. On the 2nd day I made new friends. On the 3rd day I played with my friends and when the bell rang I went to class. When the bell rang for lunch the class went out to eat, some people had work to do.

Cinquain Poems

In class we have learnt about Cinquain poems. For witting we made a poem. My poem is about ice cream dribbling down my cone. Ice c ream  cold, frozen, melting, dripping, licking dribbling down my cone Gelato

Te Tiriti O Waitangi

In class we have been learning about Tuia250. The history of New Zealand, Aotearoa. This included finding out information about the Treaty of Waitangi. Here are same of the facts I have learnt.  . Over 500 Māori chiefs signed the treaty.  . Over 40 chiefs made a copy of the treayy.  . The Treaty was taken around the country for months for everyone to sign.  . the treaty was signed on 6th  February 1840. James Busby (picture below) was here to represent the Crown.

Bug Home

For Active Learning I made a slide show about bad bugs and good bugs. I added some pictures too.

Bug Home

Today for  Active Learning my group  designed  a bug home picture  in our art books. We are trying to attract good bugs to our  garden so they can eat the bad  bugs and our plants will grow. Today for active learning  I made my bug home I cut the side of  the plastic bottle and made a hole for the bugs to get in. I cut the bottom of my bottle off. I put bamboo & sticks inside the  bottle so the bugs can live in it. After I  cut circles on the side  of the bottle and poked old pill bottles in so they can crawl in  and out. Here is a picture of  my bug home.

Math Activity

Today for maths in my math group we had to make a  pattern with sticks.  I made a sequential pattern using triangles. A sequential pattern gets bigger if you add or multiply and gets smaller if you subtract or divide. The rule for my pattern is add one triangle.

Maths Activity Term 4 Week 1

Today we learnt about repeating patterns. For our activity we made our own repeating patterns for maths.  My core pattern is green triangle and then yellow triangle.

blackboard frames

For  active learning we had groups for active and my group blackboard at the start of active when everyone, Started they had a talk with everyone. Then we start we started we got some equipment for our active then we started to paint.   Here is the slideshow to show how we use tools.


In Te Reo Maori I made a pepeha about my family. We used a new website called Gamefroot to make it with my information.


Week 3 Reading Activity

For reading we read a book called  The Mysterious Stones of Tonga. I wrote the procedure on how to make a stone structure. How to make a stone structure You need  3 big stones pic axe lots of peoples logs to move the stones How to do it 1. Cut the big blocks from the stones. 2. Get people to drag the blocks to the building sites. 3. Dig two holes for the side stones.   4. Put the two blocks into the two holes. 5. Build a dirt ramp by the side stone. 6. Put the last stone on top of the side stones to make a T shape.

Active Learning

Miss McAvoy told us that we would be making headphone bags for Active Learning, she told us the instructions.  Then we drew a rectangle in our art books. We measured our old bags to get the right measurement. We wrote the size next to our bag picture. Next we drew a smaller oblong on to our large oblong. In that oblong we wrote our name.  This week I wrote my name on a the name label. I cut the fabric. Then pinned the name label on.  a headphone bag. I sewed on the velcro to keep the bag shut. Today at active learning we did sewing it was little bit hard to do because it had a pedal for the sewing machine. I felt happy because  it was my 2nd time at doing sewing. I sewed the sides together. I was happy that I made a headphone bag, it was easy. Now I just need to get some headphones. I might get some in the holidays. Today at active learning I did sewing and I sewed my name onto the material. This was my first time using a sewing machine. I am making it for

Te Reo

 To use my scratch push any key. For Te Reo Maori we learnt all about a site called scratch. On scratch you code your own skit. The characters are called sprites and they can come in all different shapes and sizes like a basketball to a double decker bus. We created animation for Te Reo Maori. Here is my one.


For my contract I took photos of letters of my name. I used a camera and  we had to go outside and take photos of letters of my name. We had to take photos that look like our names the letters then you need to take the photos and share them on your blog.


I use the Befucky app.  I used 4 colours for my backgrounds with a photo that my teacher took.  It was hard to change the colours.  I needed to get 3 interesting facts about Andy Warhol.  He was born in Aug 1928 and died 22 Feb 1987.  He was a magazine illustrator.


In room 7 we made guacamole and salsa. I tried guacamole but it was not that good. 

Reading Contract

For my reading contract I went outside and took photos of the letters of my name. I find a M, a, s, o and n to to make my name. Here it is.

Lucid Chart

For my reading contract I made my dream classroom. I used  Lucid Chart to  create my own dream class room. It has lots of tables and chairs for people to sit on.

Reading Activity Climbing George

In my reading group we read a story called Dry Days For Climbing George. It was about a climbing plant that needed water. A plant needs water and sun to grow.


For my reading contract I made a word cloud all about me.

Mason linton cat.

Full of Beans

We read 'Beans' by Patricia Grace.  Then we wrote about a time when we were full of beans. Here is my writing about when I got my cat. When I got my new cat I saw it by my room. When I saw it the cat came over to me. I felt happy and I saw it.  The age is now 3 weeks old. The cat always sleeps with me on my bed. The cat can run fast as. The cat is so cute. I felt wuuhuu when I saw my new cat by me. I felt like a bean and when I walked around the house the cat came and followed  me. The cat will never follow me again because it’s three weeks old. When I got my cat I saw it play with me outside. Me and my cat we play Cops and Robbers. My cat plays play dead and we let her swim in my pool. I let her go for a walk around the house. The cat drinks milk and she eats cat food and cat meat and plays with a rat. The cat’s name is Beach. By Mason

Beyond the Door

When we whet to the Sarjeant Gallery we looked at art works . The we did some painting.  When we got back to school we did some 'Beyond the Door' writing . Here is my writing. My door is  a big and little door.The door has a lot of lines and an arm and a head and eyes and it has a person. The door has a koru on it. The door has a big side.  The shape has a big side on it. The door has a line on it. It is in a home where everyone never goes to the house. It is so haunted that no one ever goes in. When you go in the house it will be green in it. In the house it will have people.  They are creepy. They are black. They have a green pool that is so yuk. They have 5000 TVs and Xboxes and PS3s and PS4s. They have a hill and snow. They have a key and an alarm. It will go off and then someone will come and get you. By Mason

My Beach Poem

A beach is for  fishing  and swimming  and going  on a boat.

4 x 4 at Turakina

I went to the 4 x 4 at Turakina in the weekend. T he red one did a backflip and landed the backflip.  The yellow one did a front flip and a black flip.

Kaierau t,shirt and shoes.

Today I am going to play tackle  rugby. I am playing after school at 3:00. M y team's name is Kaierau. My  coach is  named Jeff. My shoes  colours are green and black and white. My shoes are new shoes. I got my new shoes from the  Warehouse. When I get to my practice I kick my ball around. We all play tackle bll rush. When we get to my  practice  game we have free play until 3:31 and  practice  the game at the end. W hen we get to the real game we have 5 minutes free play. 

Durie Hill

We walked up the steps on Wednesday on the 5 of April. When we got at the top of the steps we had a feed.  We went on the Durie Hill steps  to the top. We walked up the Durie Hill. 

Weekly Reflection 23.2.18

The pool party was on Wednesday at Carlton School. We had a slide and a water fight and a little pool  for Year 1 and 2.  We made rafts.  They float on water. We have swimming in our  new pool.  It's deep. We went to Mr Ohia. We learned our class name. 

Learning Reflection 15.2.18

Add caption I learned how to green screen people on the ipad. And I learned how to glue.  This is what I learned to do.


Holidays My cousins are coming to town. On the Holidays I am going on my motorbike.  Look out for me. In the holidays I am going to mums home. Dads in the second week. At the beach I looking for driftwood. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Summer days in the weekend.

Carlton School Carnival 29th October

We're getting ready!!
The tree planting Room 3 went to the field on Wednesday. My tree has grass around the bottom of it. We had to dig a hole in the dirt then cover the tree roots over with dirt. I saw a worm. At the end we had to sing a song.

Duffy Role Model Assembly

We went to Duffy Role Model Assembly. it was in the Hall. Our Duffy box was at the end. Mrs Bennett chose two girls and they got it for my class. Gemma and Liryah got the box for us. My book is called Minecraft and Captain Underpants.



Duffy theater

Today we went to Duffy theater. It was fun. They was super heroes. They popped a balloon, He was pretending he was crying. He said got you . They were funny.  The classes were there with us. The teachers were there with us. Duffy was Duffy super heroes. In the show there were two girls.


On Monday we went to gymnastics. We did handstands. I can’t do one of them yet. We needed to do a Bunny hop and a frog hop. We did a motorbike landing. You need to do a jump on the air track to the foam pit. I can do a forward roll. You need to do a roll. I can do a backward roll too. It's at the boys & girls club.

shrek. 10/8

The big white clothes. The big hands are green. He had spoon shaped eras . Sticking out of his head.Out of his head. He his fat fingers. Shrek is hate. Shrek eyes looked like two large brown  marbles .The fat fingers on Shrek's Hughes hand looked like long sausages Shrek's hues body  towered above his friends. The big white clothes. The big hands are green. He had spoon shaped eras . sticking out of his head.out of his head. He his fat fingers.

type of food source animals meat


Playing at the baech

A dog was running as fast as a motorbiker through the children making amazing sculptures on the black sand. My castle was the seven sisters in the sky. I saw a mountain. It looked like winter on the top of the mountain. The black shimmering sand glimmered in the sun. Me &  Deejsha and Kayesschen were playing at the beach with the sand and the sticks.

Weekly Reflection 16/6/17

Weekly Reflection 16/7 This week something I enjoyed was going to the Sarjeant Art Gallery because I liked the maori patterns and the maori Sculptures. I liked the Sarjeant Art Gallery. We made a sun or the moon or the star. One of my challenges this week was when we talked at the Sarjeant  Art Gallery and after  that we  whet to a woke belled we make Sarjeant.

Gordon's Bush

The log had white fungi looked like fluffy fur The fungi looked like a tasty waffle to eat. The top of the tree was enormous. I can’t see the top of the tree. If I was a bird I could see down the tree. The red lava mushrooms were on a log. They were sitting on the log. They were on the bottom of the log.

Mum's house 1/6

Today I am going to my mum’s house and I am staying at my mum’s house tonight.  Me and Krystal and Marshall are staying with mum tonight. I might stay with mum on saturday to sunday. Mum said you can go for a walk around the block and mum said to me you can go to Aunt's house and I did.It’s fun.